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Cross and Up Sell, find your sweet spot

Door Nienke Bloem MBA op 18 september 2017
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How to grow your business with up and cross sell and higher fees.

Four months ago I learned about the Sweet Spot Pricing methodology from Laurie Guest CSP. She developed her own brilliant pricing model, to higher her fee and work that Up and Cross sell magic. 

She shared all her insights with me and I want to share it with you. For all people who attended the PSA HOlland session last saturday,  Paul Rulkens learned us we should only do things that Makes our boat go faster. Laurie her information made my boat faster, so I share that with you!

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To illustrate the difference between Cross and Up Sell, I introduce the McDonalds methodology. THE organization that is KING when it comes to Cross and Upsell.

How do you perform when it comes to Cross and Up Sell? Do you have products to sell next to keynotes or training? I thought I had limited until I learned about Sweet Spot Pricing.

Laurie gave permission to share her information. So go to: and use password NSA. You fill out the form and are lead to a page where you get

  1. A short six minute video explaining the methodology
  2. Her insights what she learned by watching 15 speakers
  3. 93 ways to get booked and paid
  4. 100+ options for your sweet spot pricing packages

I have implemented her insights and have since worked with her methodology. Have cross and up selled and have managed to get a higher Fee per Assignment. It works!

Please let me know what you like about Sweet Spot Pricing, Try it out. I am curious if you are going to implement. Let’s grow the Speaker Pie bigger.


Eric Schoenmaker Sep 22, 2017

Hi Ninke, great blog again.
Some marketing expert gave me the tip to not only cross- and up-sell, but also to deep-sell. McDonalds does that al the time. This is where they ask you if want to change your hamburger into a Big Mac,or your coke into a large coke for only €0,79 (or whatever, I’m a Burger King man myself).
In the speakers world that would the case when someone asks you to do a short introduction but you sell yourself as the perfect keynote. It’s probably easier than deep- or cross-sell because your not offering something extra of different, just more of something they already know your good at.
Probably a lot of you do this already, but if you don’t you also miss a great oppertunity. Always be on the look out for a deep sell oppertunity.

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