Be more productive with your tablet on stage

Datum: donderdag 8 maart 2018
Plaats:Utrecht, Nederland
Initiatief:Judith Moonen

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Some of you might already work with an iPad or other tablets on stage and while travelling. Others are probably asking themselves, whether it makes sense to use one.

In my talk I will answer the following questions for you:

  • What can you use a tablet for and when is a MacBook or PC-Notebook the better choice?
  • What are the best apps to use for presenting with the iPad and other tablets?
  • How can you present wirelessly and with a clicker?
  • What are the best productivity apps?
  • How can you keep your PC/Mac, tablet and Smartphone always in sync?

As an IT entrepreneur, author and speaker, Thorsten Jekel, MBA , is THE expert for Digital Working. With nearly 30 years of professional project management experience in sales, service, and IT – as well as a lengthy position as a CEO in the SME sector – Jekel speaks from experience.

Since the launch of the iPad, he has helped large companies, like Coca-Cola to get more productive and sell more with the iPad.

As a sought-after trainer for business managers, executives, and entrepreneurs, Jekel’s practical and visionary presentations illustrate how to make optimal use of technologies for Digital Working.

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